Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Love Bug

It's amazing what you can learn in one semester of college about love and life. You meet people and date people (woops, I mean "hang out" with people) and start realizing what you really want in life. Why is it that life is so confusing? Why is it that people in general are confusing?

I know my problem is that I over analyze everything. I just don't understand why people can't be honest...especially in relationships. I have a friend who is really into this guy who is gorgeous, friendly, and INTERESTED back in her. Problem is, they haven't been completely open and honest about their feelings for each other.

Flirting is fun, but after 3 months of it, it's time to make a move already. Maybe they're both afraid of losing the friendship or taking the risk that things might not work out, but what if it did work out? I guess you could say that the love bug gives us opportunities. The question is though, will we act on it?

By the way, what happened to the good old days when guys actually asked a girl out on a date and planned it ahead of time? Classy guys are hard to find these days. If you are lucky enough to be married to a classy guy, then I envy you because there are far and few inbetween like that.

Remember in old black and white movies when the guy goes and asks the father's permission to take out his daughter. Guys today should be thankful. They only have to take the risk of getting rejected by the girl. Imagine having to worry about getting rejected by her father! LOL

On the other hand, there is always that annoying situation where the love bug only strikes you. Time and time again I've seen it happen to myself and my friends.

I started playing tennis with this guy at the beginning of the semester, and I instantly was drawn to his personality. When you click, you click. As our friendship and flirting progressed, I thought that something could potentially come out of this. You always try to look at the dating glass half full...even if the situation is really half empty.

Eventually, I realized that I was in denial and that if he really was interested in me, he would have made more of an effort to spend time with me. I guess playing tennis together doesn't constitute a potential relationship. It just constitutes playing tennis...unfortunately.

So when does the love bug bite two people at the same time exactly? I'm thinking that it's not really a LOVE BUG, but instead a quality deductor. It helps you realize what you do and do not want in a potential mate. Then, when you meet the right person, you'll know.

Until then, I guess my friends and I will just have to heal our bug bites with chocolate, bubble baths, and some Frank Sinatra.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Irony At Its Best

I've had many ironic experiences in my life, but I never thought I would have one about a blog page. First and foremost, I'd like to say that blogging is LAME. Well, at least as of yesterday.

What's the deal with blogging anyway? Hmmmm.... I think it's the fact the people everywhere around the world can write endless amounts of posts about their seemingly exciting lives...or not so exciting.

Funny thing is, blogging in the past...well five minutes...seems like it could be fun and potentially a little addicting. Little addicting? Okay maybe huge addicting since I have a professor who is
O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with blogging. Actually she is the one who got me interested in blogging. So, thank you Sister F. for helping me become another obsessed blogger on the world wide web.

Now I come to another dilemma about blog pages. I have a blog entitled
Paradise and Palm Trees. Catchy, right? I thought so too. Then I realized that it is the Christmas season and that I should probably create a page that emulates the spirit of Christmas. I figure, what's wrong with Christmas in paradise anyway? People pay good money to leave the snow during Christmas time. I'm keeping the paradisaical Christmas blog page as is.

So, back to my professor who is obsessed with blogging. I'm thinking that the smart thing to do would've been not to convince your students to spend anymore time on the Internet than they already do. Lets be honest here. We all know that everyone from age 5 to 105 spends most of their life on Facebook these days.

Life is becoming a vicious cycle of Internet blogging and facebook.

We wake up and get on computer, go to work and get on the computer, and then come home and get on the computer again. What is wrong with this picture? I'm thinking that being sucked into the black hole called a computer screen seems pretty messed up to me.

Anyway, that is life for you.
Messed up. If your life isn't messy....then I would have to say that you are in denial...which means you're messed up like the rest of us anyway.

Isn't life wonderful though? Usually the big messy things in our life are the
BEST learning experiences and help us to become better people. Kind of ironic, huh? I think so too.